• Monica Carroll

    Monica has been teaching fitness and nutrition for over 20 years and yoga in Orange County for over 10 years.  She is certified in power yoga, advanced power yoga, hot yoga and she holds prior certifications in personal training, aerobics, and group fitness which have influenced her teaching style. Her workouts are designed to be interesting, challenging, but approachable. Her style is lighthearted fun, with tough love influence and the results are always the same – obvious in strength – clarity in mind & addictive. She mixes many techniques, styles, and influences to create unique workouts aimed to achieve balance to the big picture. It was her big picture mentality that cultivated a desire to learn beyond sports nutrition and into the vast world of holistic nutrition. Uncovering the many misconceptions behind the foods we eat and the nutritionally deficit state of our children lead her to become certified in holistic nutrition.   Monica leads monthly nutrition clinics and workshops aimed to educate the community.



    My mission is to learn as much as I can and share it with as many as possible.”