Posture Workshop

Sunday, January 26th 11:00 am // In this in depth study you will learn alignment benefits/common pitfalls as well as have the opportunity to ask questions during each posture.

This two hour workshop is $20 for members and $30 for guests.



This week at HARD yoga we will be kicking off a new years cleanse. Our amazing juice is supplied by RITUAL and is 100% ORGANIC = free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and hundreds of unseen toxins that are slowly killing you. (Don’t be fooled by impostor juice cleanses that are more toxic than healthy!)

Your system is overburden and tired. It has the luxury of trying to keep you healthy without a day off. If your diet includes artificial flavors, colors, or if you eat food that is cooked at high temperatures, then you are not only toxic but nutritionally deficit. Raw food contains enzymes produced from obtaining energy from the sun and nutrients from the earth. Each organic food source has its own code that helps the body to determine where the nutrients are sent. If the food is cooked then these enzymes are destroyed. The body must then try to recreate these enzymes and complete the map. As you can imagine, it fails to properly code and deliver such nutrients.

An occasional CLEANSE simply UNBURDENS your poor digestive system allowing it to pass the many layers of undigested food that is awaiting passage after the ok from the liver. This will allow nutrients to pass through the digestive lining and make its way into the blood stream. To complicate matters, if you are consuming foods that do not work with your blood type, your body is far more damaged than just overburdened. For instance, gluten found in wheat is not tolerated in blood type O or A. Interestingly blood type A and O make up for almost the entire population!!! With wheat (GMO of course) being in almost all processed foods (anything that is not living and has a shelf life) then damage has already begun. The consequences are auto immune and cardiovascular disease or in the nutrition wold is known as the FOOD DISEASES.


with Monica Carroll, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Lacey Brown Auto Immune expert from Ritual Cleanse

PLACE YOUR JUICE ORDER at the workshop or in person at the studio this week. THE WORKSHOP ON CLEANSING IS FREE, YOU JUST PAY FOR YOUR JUICE. $55 PER DAY / 3-6 DAYS recommended