• Brandt Wicke

    The first yoga class I ever took was in high school with Suzanne Yeo. At the time I was very deep into physical sports and my body was feeling exhausted. Yoga made me feel rejuvenated even after a long day of sports. I knew right away that there was something very beneficial about blending yoga and athletics. My yoga practice was broadened while attending the University of San Francisco. There are so many great teachers and studios in The City and i wanted to absorb as much as I could. After college in 2006, I found my way back to Suzanne’s class with a deeper understanding of asanas and a determination to make yoga more present in my life. Suzanne led me to Corepower Yoga where I completed my first teacher-training course and eventually began teaching. Yoga is a great compliment to life and it is accessible to everyone. Conscious breathing has changed my life in so many positive ways and since everyone has the ability to consciously breathe, I am committed to sharing the benefits I have learned and will continue to learn.